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Auto Perspective


I've never used Blender, but I recently stumbled upon a Blender feature called Auto Perspective. When this option is turned on, Blender will automatically snap to an orthographic projection for top, bottom, front, back, and side views and return to a perspective projection for 3D views. I spend way too much time switching between orthographic and perspective views and I would love to see this feature in Vectorworks.


Video 1: 


Video 2: 


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This function already exists. In preferences you can set which style of view to see when changing to a 3D view.


You can also set this up by enabling the buttons below the toolbar here.


Hope that helps

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That's not the same. Those settings work for Top/Plan view only. When working in a 3D view, I prefer to work in perspective. When working in a top, bottom, front, back, or side view, I prefer to work in an orthographic projection. I rarely want perspective when editing an elevation. What Blender does is much smarter.


In Vectorworks, if Perspective mode is set, then:




In Vectorworks, if Orthographic mode is set, then:




In Blender, if Auto Perspective mode is set, then:




P.S. Can someone explain why the "Top/Plan" view (Top slash Plan) can't simply be called "Plan"? I've never understood why we need the "Top/" part of that label. Isn't a plan always an orthographic top projection? Or at least enough that it can be safely be labeled "Plan" to simplify the interface. Wouldn't that also negate the need for the preferences, settings, and UI elements that markdd mentioned. Plan would always be a orthographic wireframe projection and Top would be used to create perspective and rendered plans.


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Corrected error in Vectorworks Perspective table.

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You could make a set of 9 saved views with just the orientation settings saved. Make a palette with just those. That would help for now? The ones in the enclosed file are mapped to the keys they represent....


Just a thought.

Saved Views.vwx

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@ThreeDotI completely agree with everything you're saying.


When they implemented the functionality that Mark described in his first post, I was super excited until I realized it wasn't really intuitive with Orthographic views. 


If Vectorworks were smart about perspective when in non-orthographic views and orthogonal in orthographic views, I'd be forever grateful.

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7 hours ago, Andy Broomell said:

When they implemented the functionality that Mark described in his first post, I was super excited until I realized it wasn't really intuitive with Orthographic views. 


Same here.


I started whining for the behavior that ThreeDot asks for at the same time.

And much more, for true orthogonal views in general.

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