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DWG export V2018 Crash

Jimmy DV


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Need more information.


What is in the drawing?  How big is the file?   Any referenced viewports?  Mesh objects? Are there sheet layers or just design layers?  What are the export dwg settings?


How much RAM does your computer have?


So far I haven't had any problems exporting files to .dwg with VW 2018.  If you need it in a hurry I'd be happy to give it a crack.



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What is in the drawing?  7 Design Layers 3 layers are DWG import 4 Layers are Vectorworks layers (Truss plot, Video plot, Audio plot, Lighting plot)

How big is the file?   27.4MB

Any referenced viewports?  no

Mesh objects? no

Are there sheet layers or just design layers?  One sheet layer (but try to export only design layers and I had the same result)

What are the export dwg settings? Default settings 2010

How much RAM does your computer have? 16G

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I had this issue today and it was resolved once a specific group (a tree that was appearing in my elevations) was deleted from the drawing file. This file I am working in is a 2018 file, and the tree was imported from an older version of a Vectorworks drawing. When exporting my elevations the file would freeze, but once the tree groups were deleted there was no longer an issue with plotting the drawings to PDF. I am guessing the glitch when exporting happens as a result of my trees being created in a very old version of VW, and then over the past ten years have probably been passed down from version to version before they made it into my current drawing. I have had this same issue before with old symbols created in a 2011 file that were trying to plot in a 2018 file. 


In the future: When in doubt, break the group/symbol and just import the line work to avoid this issue if you know you're working with a very old version crossing into a new version. Hope this makes sense!

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