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Saved Views like AuotCAD Layer States Import


Hi all,

Just discovered AutoCAD has a Layer State Manager which is similar I think to VW Saved Views - correct me if I am wrong
Would it be possible when importing an AutoCAD file to have the import / convert Layer State Manager to Saved Views?




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On 12/22/2017 at 11:23 PM, zoomer said:

That, and vice versa would be nice.

Same for saved view/cameras.

Yes, this would be very useful to have for people who regularly deal with dwg files and layer states.

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If I got that right,

there is a mixture and differences between both systems.

VW saved views control visibilities and/or view orientations.


"Layer States" are primarily for the Layer organization and object

visibility. While View appearance ist done externally with "Views".


And "Layer States" goes a bit further with Layer organization by filtering.

Even hiding all stuff you currently don't need.


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Yes, but with saved views you can mimic layer states when it comes to layer/class visibility, and that alone would be very useful to be importable/exportable. I do realize that not everything can be directly translated, but doing what can be translated would still be better than having nothing in some cases, of which this is one.

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