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Select similar tool - current selection mode doesn't work properly



Hi all,


When selecting walls with the select similar tool and using "current selection mode", the tool ignores the current selection and selects objects not included as well.


We are running 2018 Designer/SP2 in a pc environment.


Oddly, the same problem persists even if we save the file to 2017. However, the file has been created with 2018. The issue occurs across different computers as well.


It can be replicated almost always.


Included is a screenshot and a sample file. I've selected the walls of the top plan, but the SS tool picks also walls from the lowermost plan, even though "current selection mode" is enabled.


Anyone else come across this? Does this replicate on other peoples' installations as well? We have never encountered this before in VW.


Happy holidays btw!




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Ive just had a look at this and it works 'as intended' as far as I can see.


Are you sure you have the criteria set correctly for picking just the wall style. 


@JMRand @markddNeither of you posted a screen shot of the settings you are using to pick the walls. Mine are...




Maybe you are making it too complicated by having other options (accidentally) in the preferences list? I think its best to keep things really simple.


Also, when zoomed out, be careful not to click on windows in walls thinking you are choosing the wall. The wand is a bit clumpy at distance.


I hope this helps you - let me know if I've had too many drinks. .......Hic!


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