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Rendered Panorama Link Issues

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I recently discovered Rendered Panoramas - Great!!  But, I'm having some issues with the links:


Often, the dialogue window for the link doesn't appear (which I guess is a known problem):

   On 9/14/2017 at 10:54 AM,  inikolova said: 

There are a few cases that we were aware of, which can cause the shareable link dialog to not appear. 

I'm not sure, but it seems this happens when the JPG image doesn't already exist; usually, if I'm replacing a previously created image, I'll then be able to get the link.


The first few times I created Rendered Panoramas, the resulting browser view included a goggle (VR?) icon at the lower right, which made it easy to go into full screen viewing mode (I think it worked in both Safari and Chrome).  Now, no matter what I do, I never get that icon.  What am I missing?


I did figure out how to get links from Vectorworks Cloud Services, but when I use those links, the image is presented on the Cloud Services website (with comments at the right, etc.).


I then I found that if I add " ?viewer=panorama " to the end of the link, the view bypasses Cloud Services and will fill the entire browser window (as it does when the link is acquired from the link dialogue window).  But there's still no goggle icon...


Is there a way to get links from Cloud Services that will skip the website and include the goggle icon?...


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi willofmaine,

We have removed the VR icon from the desktop view, because this icon is specific for cardboard mode, which doesn't apply when you are viewing the Panorama from a desktop browser. Instead, there is a full screen icon that appears at the bottom center of the screen when you move your mouse around - see the attached image. I see that this icon is only available when you view the file on the Vectorworks Cloud Services website, but not when you use the link that Vectorworks returns. I will discuss this discrepancy with the team. I think the shareable link should provide the same experience, no matter if you access the file by using the link from Vectorworks or by using the shareable link acquired from the Vectorworks Cloud Services website. Other than being able to see the file in full screen, would there be another reason why you would want to bypass the Vectorworks Cloud Services website?


Yes, there are still a few unresolved cases which may cause you to not get a shareable link in Vectorworks. I would be curious to find out more details about your specific workflow, since from my quick test, I was able to get a shareable link for a brand new image, which never existed before. Do you have Auto-upload disabled in the Vectorworks Cloud Services Desktop app by any chance? If you can send me specific steps that you are performing and a screenshot of the settings that you are using, I would be glad to look into the issue further and try to determine the exact reason why you may not be getting the links in Vectorworks. You can post them here, or email me directly at inikolova@vectorworks.net.



Iskra Nikolova


Quality Assurance

Vectorworks Cloud Services

Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 11.44.28 AM.png

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Ha ha, the disappearance of that VR icon was driving me batty.  Bad timing on my part, I guess!


The first few times I created a Rendered Panorama, I got the link from Vectorworks and it was a nice, clean experience going right to a full-window view in the browser, and then from there to full screen with the VR icon.  Going via the Vectorworks Cloud Services website starts with a "cropped" version of the image and of course the website itself, which isn't necessarily relevant or presentable to a recipient, such as a client.  But, really not a big deal; if I'd gone directly via the Cloud Services website from the get go, I probably never would have missed bypassing it.  At this point, I'll go via the website so that the full-screen icon is available, though it it's added to the bypass option, that would be great.  Speaking of the full-screen icon, I think its arrows may be inverted?...


With a small file (just a few extrudes), I was not able to replicate the inability to get a shareable link (even with a brand new image file).  I don't appear to have Auto-upload disabled.  When I get a chance, I'll try and replicate the issue with my larger project file, and I'll pay more attention to the steps I take (though, of course, it's sporadic...).


In the meantime, thanks for your response and explanations; I'll stop looking for the VR icon!    -Will         VWIS119





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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee
10 hours ago, willofmaine said:

Speaking of the full-screen icon, I think its arrows may be inverted?...

It seems like there is a bug with which icon appears after you switch back and forth a few times. We are thinking about removing the exit full screen icon (and just leave the Esc key as the only option), so this should technically solve the issue. I'll discuss the adding of the full screen option to the "bypass link" with the team, but I think ideally the link from Vectorworks and the link from the website should provide the same user experience. I believe the "bypass" option was done initially due to technical limitation that existed on the website, which in some cases would prevent the user from viewing the image as a panorama, and would show as a flat image. If this limitation has been overcome by now (I am not sure of its status), there should be no reason why getting a link to the same file from different places would deliver a different experience for the recipient.

Thanks for posting on this issue!

Iskra Nikolova

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  • 4 years later...

HI Iskra,


I trust this finds you well.


Whats is best practice for sharing Panormas with clients when you do not have VSS please? 


I ask as I cant attach java script files to an email. If I then send only the .jpg and .html file it opens a blank browser page when the html file is clicked. 


In addition, to make the panorama work locally on safari I had to enable developer mode. (as per the instruction for web view files I found on the forum). This is not an ideal workflow for a client that I am trying to impress. Do you know of a cleaner way please?


Many thanks in advance.





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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi @joestewart4669,

Non VSS users can upload panoramic images to the Vectorworks Cloud Services and a shareable link can be generated from there. Right-click and select Share link.

Create the link and configure it from the SHARE LINK dialog. 

Here is one link for a panorama that I have to see what the experience will be for you recipient.


Would this work for you?


Screen Shot 2022-02-04 at 11.11.35 AM.pngScreen Shot 2022-02-04 at 11.12.21 AM.png


Best regards,

Iskra Nikolova

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