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VBvisual Plant WorkGroup Reference default content possible?

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I've been adding default content tool by tool to a dropbox Workgroup Reference successfully.   I have a collection of VBvisual plant files that go well beyond the VW provided default content.   I've been following the rules of creating the content inside my workgroup reference per VW Help but nothing seems to make this tool want to see the remotely located content.   Folder structure and names are identical yet the tool is not seeing the new plant files.  


When the prescribed method didn't work after multiple attempts and tweaks I tried to replace the Application\Libraries\Defaults\VBvisual folder with an alias to the corresponding workgroup location.  No luck.  The PIO would not generate.   I tried to create alias files that linked directly to the new plant files in the workgroup but again, no luck.  The PIO didn't see them.   I expected all of these methods to have worked.


The only success I have had in getting the tool to see the new content is to put the new content in the application directory.    To repeat, I've had success with many other sets of content in this same workgroup.


In the past I've had success using an alias to the entire Libraries folder in my dropbox account but I'm trying to alter the setup to the more prescribed method.


Is VBvisual unique from the other tools with its Default Content setup?  

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The VBV will not appear in RM at all, even if you "update Libraries" ?

As I thought I also had VB plants in my Workgroup Folder ...

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Refreshing Library and restarting VW2018 both does not solve the issue.


I changed the name of the Application VBvisual folder thinking it was an issue with the hierarchy in reading the content.  However, the tool still listed all the typical VW default plants and when I clicked on one it downloaded a new copy and created a new VBvisual Plant default folder to put it in.   This tool is tied to a third party provider and has a link to the website at the bottom of the list of default content.    Adding plants to the application folder\Defaults\VBvisual adds them to the overall list but deleting files that are original defaults does not take them away.   The list is not defined solely from the contents of the default file but appears to be built-in to the tool.


Are you saying that your VBvisual tool is reading properly from your workgroup and not just from the application defaults?  I'm not getting mine to do this.

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It may have been in previous VW versions and just the VSS downloadable content.

Not importing the extended library like I have bought for C4D.

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