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Jim Smith

Please make the subdivision modelling tool more intuitive


The addition of the Subdivision tool is a big step forward. Can it be made more intuitive? Right now, it is the opposite of user friendly. Seven points:

- To make a basic rectangular object with curved edges, it seems one must start with a sphere & amend this object = dopey

- The lag time & hang-ups are very frustrating 

- Why not allow other 3D object to be converted to a solid that may be edited as a subdivision ?

- Rather than a bunch of engineer style interfaces going back & forth to stuff at the top of the page with click-it-t-clicks, why not a right click that allows for free flow editing?  

- Why a show a mesh that can't be edited? If one shows a mesh, it should allow one to edit that face 

- Why not integrate the Push-Pull with this tool?

- Why no real control through the IOP?

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In addition to the above, I also feel Subdivision could fix a lot of "dead end" states for geometry. For instance, the Deform tool currently takes and extrude or EAP or whatever it was set to bend and then outputs a hard-to-edit Generic Solid. If it output a subdivision instead, it would make Deform far more useful.

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It definitely is overly complex to use in terms of user interface. I think pulling the "grabber" interface out into the general VW interface could help that because then everyone would be familiar with it. There is something weird about how it works however. I use VW set to Click-Click drawing but there's something unintuitive about that when using the "grabber". Because of how its designed and how similar interfaces are used in other programs, it should probably be Click-Drag. There's an extra click when using it that seems to get in the way.




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