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Do not snap to self!

Kaare Baekgaard


When I work with subdivisions, nurbs or meshes, I have to turn off snapping temporarily in order to move vertices by a tiny amount.


If I don't, the vertex will snap to its own original position and prevent the move. Yes, I can move it a lot, but I cannot move it a little.


I wish, there was an option – under the 'Snap to Object' tool preferences – to prevent points, vertices, subdivision controls etc. from snapping to themselves.


Does that make sense?

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Yes please! This would be useful across the board.


Even making a simple rectangle slightly wider is difficult because it snaps to its own edge. (Why would you ever want to modify something to be the exact size it already was?)


Of course you can always hold the tilde key (~) to temporarily disable snaps, but not everyone knows this and it can sometimes be clunky. Having the option to always prevent self-snapping would be an awesome improvement.

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