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VW 2018 site model crashes

J. Wallace

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@J. Wallace

Touching/overlapping Site Modifiers can produce conflict warnings but I could not induce crashes.  I made several tests on a site model created in v2018

  • I added a pad surrounded by a grade limits. Site model updates with no conflicts as expected.
  • Then duplicated the pad and moved the dupe so pads shared a coincident edge and extended the grade limits to enclose both pads. Update showed no conflicts. Pads are coplanar, so kind of are just one modifier.
  • Then I moved one pad so it partially overlapped the other. No conflicts on drawing or OIP. (Pads still coplanar)
  • Then reduced the Grade Limits so it did not fully enclose the pads.  Conflict graphics plus OIP conflict count.
  • Then moved one pad to make coincident edge with other pad AND sloped one of the pads away from the shared edge AND extended the Grade Limits to enclose both. Warnings on the drawing and OIP conflict notice.
  • Then reduced the GL so it did not fully enclose the PADS. Warnings and OIP conflict count again.

But, then this is a really simple site model with not much else in the drawing and only working with Pads and Grade Limits.

One thing I noticed is that the little yellow "caution" graphics do not always show up on the drawing, even though the OIP conflict count is present.


I tried all this with no crashes in Designer workspace and Landmark workspace.

Did you have other software running?  I sometimes get problems with MS Office.  Not crashes, but problems closing the Office apps. Have to force close them.

Any referenced external files? I can crash vwx with a sheet layer vp update if the ref is out of date.

Sorry, all inconclusive regarding the crashes you are finding. Hope you track it down.



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I also always have touching texture pads.

(using the same vertices positions)

No problems noticed.

I did have crashes with DTMs nevertheless in VW 2018

(didn't try Sp2 so far)

but much less than VW 2017.

Mostly VW crashing after saving and closing.


But even snapping to vertices doesn't prevent from any conflict warnings.

I think there will be rounding issues between vertices of 2 Pads plus

the resulting Mesh receiving another vertex.

If you try to fix or repair it, one or more new conflicts will show up somewhere

near that area.


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Thank you @zoomer and  @Benson Shawfor those comments. I found the culprit. Some how a pad was hidden within another pad which seemed to cause the crash. You can see I'm getting a few pads. It would sure be nice if there was a way of automating an offset when snapping in a site modifier class so that no pads would ever overlap or touch. I usually draw a polyline>offset the shape 1mm>create objects from shape>site modifier. Still seem to get conflicts occurring.



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Fine that you found the culprit.


The Offset is needed for other Pads than Texture Beds, only when on different height levels.

For everything else I would prefer perfect touching of these to avoid unnecessary mesh complexity.

Still for Pads that would be nice.

But I would prefer it in a way that the user works with touching 2D geometry and the offset

happens invisibly in the background.




But in reality, even in simple cases this will still create a few (harmless?) conflicts nevertheless,

when you try to meet the Vertices of : Source Contour + Texture Bed A + Texture Bed B + ...


For more complex Texture Bed Situations, where longer edges touch shorter edges I tried both Methods,

a) snapping the shorter Area to the longer edge and let VW cut the longer edge.

b) divide the longer edge manually by adding vertices where other Beds corners meet.


I think b) worked a bit better.

But would need an option for Vectorworks to show or mark Vertices for all 2D objects, even when

not selected and differentiate between corner vertices and midpoints :)

to make it practical.





Is there some kind of Pad option, maybe in Landmark only, that can follow the terrain and just

cut 1 meter deep with a retaining edge for a (nearly) vertical slope ?

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