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Section Viewport (Show Components AND Section Style?)

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Hello Fellow Vectorworks Community, 
Long time subscriber, first time writer, 

Ok, so I have my section viewport, and what I would like to see are the Components of my walls and slabs to show with ALSO the Section Style (.35pt) to show to represent my cut line.
I like how my components details and hatches show up, but I need that heavier cut line through to help read the drawing more clearer. 
Everything in the background is at .13pt, which is working well. 

I've explored the line weights of the Walls and Slabs themselves, and also the textures and hatches of the components themselves with no luck. 

Please see attached pictures. 
2- Section with Section Style (.35)
3- Desired Effect: Section with Components and a .35 Lines weight drawn in annotations.  

If more clarification is needed, please ask. 
Thank you in advance! 

1- Section with Components.png

2- Section with Section Style (.35).png

3- Desired Effect. Section with Components and a .35 Lines weight drawn in annotations.  .png

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