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Render light shadows question

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If you look at the attached image, you'll see a problem that has perplexed me for years.  How do you put a light object inside a light fixture, then realistically show light emitting from the fixture that doesn't show the structure of the fixture ?   In the image, I have a street light casting shadows from the light structure, but in real life, it never casts shadows like that.


I know I can make the light fixture with a transparent texture and the light goes through it, but then I can't see the fixture.  I also know I can set the light to not cast shadows, but then it doesn't act like a real light would do (it wouldn't cast shadows on anything).


Is this possible or should I give up ?


test parking light.jpg

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Have you tried setting the texture that you use for the lamp post to not cast shadows?

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Work out what geometry is casting the shadows you don’t want. Then apply a RW texture to just that geometry and make sure that the texture is set to not cast any shadows. - That should do it.

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Mike and Markdd:

Thank you so much ... that solved it.   I guess that "cast shadows" check box on the texture was another obvious feature that wasn't so obvious to me ....


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Something else you may want to try is to set the reflectivity on the glass texture to glow, and set a slightly yellowish color for the glow.  That will make the glass appear brighter, like it is lit up.  Turning on soft shadows for the light will give you a nicer shadow on the ground, and might even make the shadow cast by the vertical supports on the light box disappear.




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