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Worsheet Won't Summarize



I've got a problem here that I can't figure out.  It seems that I cannot "summarize" columns in my takeoff worksheet.  Having  ver. 2018, in the database row I should be able to select a column header and press the arrow key to the right and the dialog box pops up.  If I select sum values the column should compress and show an overall value.  It just won't do it.




You will see in the pick that under column D I have an ascending symbol a plus sign and a 1 in that little box yet the columns below do not sum up.


ScreenHunter_58 Dec. 08 13.27.jpg

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You now have to set things in two columns.


First, use the pulldown menu and choose Summarize on. From what I can see of you screen shot this would have to be Column A as it is the only one that has the same data.


Then go to the column that you want the data Summed in and check the  Sum Values check box.


With this new setting you can better control how the data is displayed. If you don't Sum Values and they are all the same, you will get the value. If you don't Sum Values and they are different you will get a (dash) in the column indicating the data is different for different items. If you do check Sum Values, you will get the proper sum.

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Hi @Alan Woodwell,

I've attached a file with a couple different worksheets that you or anyone else can poke around with and get inspired.

There are only a few select walls in the file.  There are plenty of estimating formulas online that you can use in the worksheet

to work out a plethora of numbers from your walls, slabs, roofs; from concrete volumes to number of boxes of screws for drywall, etc.

It's still a work in progress for me.  Make sure you get your components labeled well.  A misspell, space, etc. can throw a wrench into getting

right results.


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