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Camera set up in VW


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I am working on a project where we are dropping in 4-6 static cameras to run to a switcher.  I have most everything drawn in 3D and thought if I can drop in some VW Cameras where I want the camera position to be I can make a hand full of viewports showing approximate views of each camera.  I think that would be helpful to show to the people working on this project.   


However I am not super savvy in the camera world and I don't know that my camera cut sheet and the fields for the VW camera seem to match up and I am hoping for some help from someone on what I would want to enter in the different fields. 


Here is a link to a camera cut sheet on the lens we are using




In the Renderworks camera OIP I get the following 


Aspect ratio: I selected 2.4, That seems much wider then I would want I am guessing I really want 16:9?  I was not sure if on the camera cut sheet that is the first number on the focal length?


For Film size:  I put in 16mm in my drawing that makes the focal length 10mm.  It looks like the camera's is actually about 6mm?  Not sure how to make this match


Any other thoughts on what I can do to set up the camera in VW to match the file above as best as possible so I can just drop in those cameras to get the viewports I want?






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Hi Matt,


I've gone through the exercise of matching VW camera views to real world camera views a few times now. I'm definitely no expert and its not that easy to do in some cases since the VW Cameras haven't been updated to reflect how modern cameras work. The specs you point to show that its using a 1/3" sensor which is normally a 4:3 aspect ratio (Sensor Sizes). That sensor is not available in the camera dropdown and I'm not sure that the VW Camera would be able to match the 6mm focal length if it was (the bottom end limit seems to be 10mm). You may need to use a 35mm equivalent to approximate things. I did find this equivalency chart online (Chart). If I'm reading your specs correctly and understanding the chart the 35mm equivalent focal length would be 43mm.


You can get a little more control of the VW Cameras by selecting one and clicking the Fine Tune Camera View button. There you'll find a slider for focal length.




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