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Trim Height versus Z Height

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Hello forum 


Ok slight newbie question here but I am getting slightly confused with trim height or maybe I should say when to use trim height instead of Z height for truss.


In days gone past Z height satisfied my needs, I know trim height is to work with Braceworks but why and when should I use it.


This is my current work flow.

  • Insert truss with tool set
  • Convert to hanging postion 
  • Give hanging position Z height
  • Add fixtures to hanging position


Another on topic question - has anyone experienced trusses being given an 'odd' height when converting to a hanging position. I am experiencing the truss moving Z by -.036" when creating a single hanging position from multiple pieces of truss. 


VW2018 SP2




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You have combined and mixed together fields from different Object Info palettes (OIPs).  A "Hanging Position" does not have a "Trim Height" parameter only a "Hoist" object has a trim parameter.  The Z Height on a Hoist is the Z height of the low hook.  The "Load Trim" on a Hoist is the lowest point of the load hanging from the low hook.  So...  If a 12" x 12" truss is hanging from a Hoist the "Load Trim" parameter will be 12" below both the "Low Hook Height" and Z parameters of the Hoist.  Of course there will be fixtures hanging from the truss, but it is the truss that is considered hanging from the Hoist.  You can continue with your work flow, but if you include Hoists the Low Trim parameter of the Hoist should be set to equal the Z height of the Hanging position. 

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