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Suming Lengths in a Worksheet Database



I am trying to create a worksheet that sums the total length of lines in certain classes. Ideally, I would like to do this via a database instead of using spreadsheet mode and a formula.


In the attached worksheet I have set up 3 classes with 3 lines each. I have built databases for each class. I want to summarize the data so that instead of showing each of the 3 lines and their lengths as separate rows, the contents of the database is summarized as a single row (IE row 5.1 would display "Class A" in column A & "30" in column B.


If I try to summarize Column A using the Summarize Items function it summarizes the 3 rows down to a single row which displays "Class A" in column A but only displays "---" in column B. No other combination of the Summarize Items & Sum functions seems to get me what I want.


Am I stuck using formulas or is there a way around this that would allow me to use a database.


Line Lengths Worksheet.vwx

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IN column B, choose the Sum Values Option when you use the Summarize option in column A.


You could actually do this with a single database. Edit the Report (or database) criteria to include Class is rows for Class A, Class, B and Class C.


Put a formula of =C in the column A header. This will give you the name of the class of every object in the drawing. Put the formula of =LENGTH in the column B header.

Go to the pull down menu for column A and click the Summarize button. This will give you one row for every class.

Go to the pull menu for column B and click the Sum Values button. Column B will now add the values for all the hidden subrows.


Write back if you need more help.

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