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RDS Casa

Marionette objects moving around randomly

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I'm getting some strange behaviour on some marionette objects I've made (but please understand I'm new to this). They are simple objects, made from extruded rectangles. Sometimes, when I play with the parameter slider bars, the objects randomly jump position. Its as if they are jumping back to the origin. Then when I change something unrelated to the script, say the fill of the object, they will jump back. 


Some of the origin inputs of the rectangles have a small positioning translations to put them in the right place, but these all calculate back to a default 0,0 origin (i.e. I've not defined any origin). I.e. there is no defined insertion point like in a symbol? 


Then, sometimes when I go into the script, come out, it jumps position again?


Most frustrating is its inconsistent, Some time I can't get it to do it at all?


It might be a display issue. I.e. when I make changes, it displays the object somewhere else, then, at some seeming random point it updates, and moves it back to where it really is?


Has any one else experienced this? Is it the way I have built it? Is there a way to tie it all to an insertion point? or something to do with the display settings?


I've not messed with the user defined origin in these files, so it should be the same as the real origin. 


Thanks for any help



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@RDS CasaHi, there was an issue in 2016 i think and it was fixed in 2017 then as i understand broken again in 2018. Try back in 2017 to see if you have the same issue.

I think if yo moved something like extrudes in 3d they jumped but not in top/plan.

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ah, I am actually using 2017, sp4. I've now down loaded 2018 and will install tonight. If its a bug, while frustrating, it makes me feel a bit better as its not the way I built them. Thanks so much for the prompt reply. I'm going to try and find a way to definitively reproduce the issue, and will then post a screen cast or something.


Indecently, ultimately I think I might take the marionette objects, covert the wrapper to a python script, then using your fantastically helpful video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBiai3iD-W0  (thank you again by the way), convert them into a plugin point object. I seem to have more control on the OIP display this way, and I think it suits what I'm trying to do better. I don't suppose you know the nature of the bug above? and whether this convert to plugin object method might ultimately stop it?



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This is a known issue that comes and goes.


If you only make parameter changes in top/plan, the issue will not appear. 

I'll make a note in our bug tracking system that you're seeing it. 

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