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VW2018 referencing one drawing into another....

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee
On 1/25/2018 at 8:18 AM, MRD Mark Ridgewell said:

Finding it rather over-complex to reference in files so resorting to copying in info. from other files.

Could you please describe your workflow and explain the complexity issues you are experiencing? 


Copying and pasting will work, but it's error-prone. For example, you can only copy objects that are visible. You have to make sure you select all objects in the drawing, etc.

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Thanks Tolu,

Tried the non-scientific click things on and off and got it to work eventually and it's very good!


I find my verbal reasoning lets me down when I read some of the 'help' dialogue information,  eg this under 'automatically update out of date references during file open' option box (in 'edit preference'):




Does this mean 'update resources during file open'? Maybe re-word the dialogue information and you wouldn't need the 'help' text?!


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee
4 hours ago, MRD Mark Ridgewell said:

Does this mean 'update resources during file open'?

Well, "resources" are not the only thing that gets updated. Your layers (if you are referencing layers) does too, so that checkbox has to refer to the "reference" (i.e. referenced layers or referenced resources).  Furthermore, an update will only "automatically" happen at file open if the reference is out-of-date (i.e. the source file has been modified at its source). As such, the label has to be "Automatically update out-of-date references during file open"


Given that the checkbox label has to cover different aspects, it might not be intuitive to users. This is where help texts come in handy. Help texts provide additional information that cannot be put into the label of a control.  


Having said that, we'll look into making the checkbox label and/or help text clearer.


We appreciate the feedback.





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