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Please share your VW11 + OSX gripes

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Thanks to a list of whines -- relatively short, I'll admit -- from fellow users here about VW 10, longer than the list of relevant or important features, I've skipped VW10. I've had peace in the office with VW9.5.3 for almost 2 years.

So far, I've read the following:

- misbehaved preferences

- non-functional wordprocessing inside text blocks

- weird-ities in image imports

Please add confirmed bugs (i.e. if other users note the same behaviour) here. Doubtless, there are other admins who want to be prepared when they deploy VW11, even if it isn't until 11.5.2.

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My two gripes are:

1. Speed. Just try navigating the Door or Window PIO. It is a constant struggle in patience.

2. Mysterious changes. Parts of my drawings will change. It is possible that I have unknowingly caused this, but I am not aware of it. I find myself having to go back and return something back to the way that I originally drew it.

I would be interested in knowing if others have this problem or if it is just me.

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The problem with mysterious changes may be due to autosave. I'm a 2 finger typist, I watch the keyboard, not the screen. If you're typing a note and autosave comes on, the text tool turns off, so suddenly you're typing some weird instruction, not the text note you thought you were entering, so all sorts of tools or settings can change. It's very frustrating, and time wasting to sort out what happened.

Another gripe: why can't you copy some dimension on the drawing and paste it in the OIP? And why do the X and Y boxes sometimes refuse to accept the dimension I insert, instead reverting to the dimension I want to change? I then have to resort to the Move tool to shift the object.

Actually, the OIP is a bit of a pain all round - having to click away from a selected object in order to do something else with it after you've used the OIP is not very efficient. For instance, you enter a dimension - if you then want to move the object using the arrow keys, you have to deselect the object, then select it again. Try selecting an object, entering a dimension, then try to copy and paste the object - all you're doing is copying and pasting the OIP dimension. You have to deselect and reselect, and it's tiresome having to remember to do it.

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In my experience much of the wierd behaviour in VW 11 is due to the autosave, which interrupts what you are doing.

My advice is to turn it off and get into the habit of manually saving often. if you don't want to do this set the autosave period to 30 minutes or more.

The auto save function caused similar problems in ArchiCAD 8.5. As a result the autosave in ArchiCAD 9 has been changed so that it now waits until you are idle before it operates.

The VectorWorks 'autosave' implementation needs to be like this

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Though we've had the VW11 box for several months, we've only this week installed the upgrade. Our initial reaction is generally pleasant.

I find the spinning beachball occurs less often in 11 than 10.5.1; rendering (esp. dashed-hidden-line) to be substantially faster; the implementation of Viewports is immensely valuable.

We've generally kept files in the version they were created. I did, however, try to "upgrade" one file we're still working on. One of the saved views has two design layers and one came through the upgrade in a different scale than saved in 10.5.1. I tried it again three times with identical results. It was easy to change that layer back to the original, albeit custom (3/8 or 32:1), scale.

I realize you're looking for confirmed bugs, and my comments don't help that very much. I can say we wish we'd opened the box sooner rather than later.

BTW, David, you might try hitting your escape key when you want to edit the object rather than the OIP: it will "jump" you back to the object without deselecting it.

[ 10-29-2004, 10:04 AM: Message edited by: Travis ]

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One solution to the autosave interuption, is to set it to a number of operations. In my experience it doesn't interupt you, and the other nice thing is that during those moments of clarity where you are doing a lot of commands quickly to get your idea down, it picks all those saves up.

Just set it in the autosave popdown.

Based on my experience only, other users mileage may vary.

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Repost because I accidentally missed typing some of the information - sorry about that.

I've just upgraded to OSX 10.3.6 and lo and behold the delay in the OIP registration has dissapeared.

My conclusion - it was an OSX issue rather than a NNA issue!

Try it for yourself.

[ 11-07-2004, 07:36 PM: Message edited by: mike m oz ]

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