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How do I move individual verticies in a 3D Polygon?

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I've done this before, but I don't remember how to do it.

Let's say I have a rectangle, and I extrude it to a 3D polygon. Now, I want to move just the front left corner vertex up by 1'. How do I move just one vertex at a time, relative to the rest of the polygon? I've tried "convert to 3D polys", and it sort of let's me move vertices, but it creates a group, and seems to make each plane into it's own shape. So I have to move the same point three times because they are all separate four vertex shapes, instead of a single eight vertex shape, which is what a cube should become. How do I make an extruded cube into one object with adjustable vertices?

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6 minutes ago, Kevin McAllister said:

You need to convert the solid to a mesh Modify>Convert>Convert to Mesh and then with the selection tool active draw a marquee around a corner to activate the point. From there you can click on the handle and drag the point.




That works, but is there a way to select just the vertex without drawing a marque around it? It is very hard to grab the point I want without selecting other things on the drawing.

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Group the mesh. Dbl click to edit the mesh. If needed, disable the pref for “show other objects in edit modes“. If needed, adjust view with Flyover tool or other navigation. Marquee around the vertex with Select tool. Drag or numeric move in floating data bar. Exit group. Ungroup.


(whew! Lotsa words for fairly quick edit! )



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3 hours ago, markdd said:

Or - Convert to subdivision


Markdd's solution is what you need I think. As it seems you want to move just one point of an extruded rectangle.


@lightnbUsing Mark's directions you get a shape you can 'pull' as you wish.




Just the one point








(thanks to Mark)


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2 hours ago, markdd said:

Just noticed @lightnbhas 2011 so Subdivision option not available. It would be good to know if there was a way to reshape more than on surface at a time.

My instructions above do just that. I often use Benson's workaround of grouping to isolate objects. If you double click on the mesh then it goes into container editing mode and you end up moving individual polygons/polygon points instead of moving them together. You need to drag a marquee around a point while outside the Mesh container to move them together.


(By VW logic you should be able to move the points using the Reshape tool when the Mesh container is selected but that doesn't work.)




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We kinda got off on a track about meshes.  Actually, a 3d polygon can be edited in the usual ways:

•Select the 3d Poly>Invoke the Reshape Tool, Move mode>drag a vertex (or maquee a selection).




•Select the 3d Poly>in OIP switch the Move field to Vertex>use the arrow keys to highlight the desired vertex> adjust position via the numeric fields.



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