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Im am also interested.


I like the updated Site Model.

I like Direct Section Editing (Although I do not much 2D Viewport things)

I like that RM has improved.

I like Multi Component Editing (> set all by Class)

and a few very little things


I like that Multiple View Panes 1.0 work astonishing well or that VW is finally Unicode of course,

but those thing do not have much impact on my workflow, like VW 2017 had with updated

C4D exchange. Which on the other side seem to got a bit riskier in VW 2018 unfortunately.


But of course, thanks a lot.

VW 2018 is again the best VW ever.

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I will look over it at work as i only have 2018 at home but a few stand out. Wall component settings now allow Make All Attribute By Class or not and site model you now have smoothing. The Web export result has much better lighting, The multiple view panels if great.The ability to control the class texture in one spot.(Edit Class).

Will compare them at work but i just keep finding lots of little things that we bring up at work to share things to make our workflow better.

Overview at VW Help    http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2018/eng/index.htm#t=VW2018_Guide%2FNewFeatures%2FNew_Features.htm&rhsearch=join faces&rhhlterm=join faces&rhsyns=


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