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I'm looking for some advice on which package to get for my job.  I'm a technical manager for an arts festival and my job involves (amongst many things) site plans, venue plans, general designing of equipment (flight cases, storage units, bespoke staging, hand rails and anything else that I need made or fabricated) and build plans.

My question is which version of Vectorworks is best for my role do you think?  I was going to get spotlight but that might be to restrictive to my needs but I would find the staging, trussing, soft goods and lighting fixtures useful but also I find trees and shrubs useful but then I found it useful the other day suing the doors & windows for plan of a storage unit.  I use use the wood and metal textures because a lot of bits I have made is out of wood, so this is hand to show to people when describing what I'm intending and what it will look like. I am completely torn.  Which one would give me the most for the money as it is very (some should say too) expensive.


Thoughts, questions and opinions welcome.





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It sounds like for your use you should consider getting Designer which includes all of the Spotlight, Architect and Landmark tools. This is basically the All-in-one package, but you will either need to create a custom workspace with just the tools you need, or switch between workspaces depending on the type of work you are doing as there is not a single out of the box workspace that includes all of the tools from all three packages.


In the US, the list price for Designer is about 25% ($800) more than any one of the packages, but you get much more functionality. Especially for your needs across many areas. Should not take too much time saving to make up the cost difference and more importantly let you do a better job faster to allow more time to optimize your designs.

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