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Password Locked Layers - Feature Request

James Russell


Hi All,


I have a client currently who enjoy the concept of the Project Sharing features although wish for them to be used in a more global environment, unrestricted to a project file.


They have quite detailed plans of their venues with specific things which should not be moved (diagonal bars, fixed height winch bars, fixed curtains, fixed orchestra pit deads, etc.). Commonly they will send these plans in the .vwx format to either external suppliers or prospective hirers who will send the plans back months later with their proposed changes.


The problem is that often these external users will send back a plan with modification to the specific items above (moving grid pieces to locations which do not exist and/or places which have other obstructions, moving the pit to invalid stopping locations, etc). Often these changes go unnoticed until bump-in periods where conflict occurs as both parties believe they are in the right.


The ideal would be the ability to password lock layers within the file. The ability to lock the 'Grid' layer for example and restricting the editing functionality, yet still allow class switching. Should the user need to move something in this layer they call in, receive the password and the file is logged with a change to that layer (possibly within the project sharing History).


I'm aware we have referenced layers as an option although this has been tried and still required either a) releasing a second reference document or, b) the reference being broken and edited anyway.


@JimWlet me know if I'm missing something here. Otherwise wishlist?


Hope you're all well,



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Interesting idea! It would be nice to have the ability to lock entire layers.


In the meantime (and you may already know this) you can "Lock" individual objects which makes them uneditable, but still visible and switchable with classes. But there is no password protection, so any user can simply unlock the objects if they want to edit something. But at least it's a deterrent, and many users might not know how to unlock things in the first place.


So in your case for now you'd select all the objects on a layer, and go to Modify<Lock.

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We are also looking for this feature. We'd like to create an environment where our team--not draftsfolk or developers--can work with the marionette and library content, without accidentally making changes. Version control is super important to us, because we are using VWx to manage massive quantities of technical specifications for provisioning network equipment, to track serial numbers, to auto-provision web-based dashboard views and custom objects' various records, and to populate dozens of reports.


If the team accidentally modified a record format, we will run into time consuming problems--there's only a couple of us who really know when there's an issue with strings of hexadecimal data or object naming schemes. Having this functionality would take the learning curve way down, especially for the people who need to provision and maintain the objects and records in an existing model.


We want to lock (with password protection) library content and code view of the marionette nodes.

Locking/password protecting the "Object Info">"Data Tab" (to prevent record editing anywhere but the shape tab) and layers would also be great.



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I left out detail =)
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