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Property Line PIO Area Summaries

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Good afternoon Everyone,

I'm having a real problem with calculating area summaries for the Property line plug in object. I've been trying a number functions additional to =('property line'.'area') in order to convert this string into a numeric value. I've tried =value, =area, =round, =num, =str2num, etc... and I can't for the life of me get it to work. Anyone had any similar problems - VW 2018 SP2


PS - I checked the VW forum records, there was a similar wishlist item, but for some reason =area function worked in that instance. Any help please? 


Thank you in advance!  

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In a worksheet database (Row 2, criteria = Record 'Property Line' is present) with the 'Propery Line'.'Area' field in cell A, the following formula in column B worked for me:




The Substring splits the string in cell A2 in to substrings using the space character as the delimiter. The 1 tells it to use the first substring it finds.


So with an area field of "475.542  sq ft    ",  it returns 475.542 to the Value function giving you a number.


If you are not using sq ft as your unit, you may need to adjust the substring delimiter is there is not a spaces after the number. If you have something like 123.455m2, I would just us 'm2' as the delimiter.

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Yes, it seems that "THEY" could do a better job of making the data accessible in the worksheet. The Space object used to be pretty bad. Most of the fields there now have both numberic and string versions.


Submit a wish to have numeric versions of all the necessary fields of the property line.


I think this actually comes from all record data actually being stored as strings. Only having a single version of the data to keep straight is very comforting to programmers. ;-)

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