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Where's "VectorWorks 11" version number?

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I know, petty, but nice to have as I am currently the only ready to use VWA 11 in the office, but am also working with VWA 10 with the rest of the crew.

One of the new features brought to my attention and seen in a demonstration is the fact that in the menu bar, you could know what version of software you were running.

Just installed onto my PB 15, Alum, FW800 running OS X 10.3.4. I hope this is any easy one. Thanks in advance for letting me know if I've done something wrong in the installation or need to set a preference.

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Well, I would have thought that, too, would be the case. I even saw a screen shot of what it should look like in the manual and on the NNA web site, but on my Mac, it just isn't there.

Thanks for chiming in though. There must be something amiss in my installation or a bug in the software. I hope it just shows up at some point.

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Thanks. I am aware of where to find the version, it's just that it was demonstrated and touted as a feature that is convenient to have "displayed" on the menu bar if you are working back and forth with more than one version of VWA.

It simply isn't showing up as advertised. No big deal, we should be migrating over in short order with the rest of the office.

I appreciate your note nonetheless.

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Vectorworks 11 installs with the name "Vectorworks". Go to the finder and change the name from that to "Vectorworks 11"

Go to the Dock and drag your current icon out of the Dock, (it will explode).

Drag your newly named Vectorworks 11 into the Dock. It will now display in the dock as Vectorworks 11. The icon still looks like version 9 or 10 but at least you can tell the difference between the others with the new name.

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I have to chime in here - please do not change the name of the application. Change the name of the shortcut only.

There are some instances in the past where renaming the APPLICATION name will cause the updaters to fail because the application = VectorWorks cannot be found.

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Hey, how about if just have VW show the 11 in the upper corner of the menu bar on the Mac side like it does on the Windows side, this will solve all our concerns!

=) Just a little joke, folks. I was hoping to not make such a big deal out of it, especially given all the other great things that Version 11 already does and has been worked on so hard to work right.

Thanks everyone! And enjoy.

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