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VW2018 - FBX Export Fail

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Attempting to export an fbx from VW2018 to no avail.  The same file in VW2017 exports an fbx properly.  


VW2017 creates a dummy file at zero bytes, then completes an FBX file after X amount of time.

VW2018 doesn't create the dummy file, and then after waiting X+X amount of time still nothing.


Anyone experience this and have a fix?


VW2018 SP2

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Is this a specific file that does this or do you experience this every time you're exporting? If it's a specific one, I can take a look at it if you send it my way.

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I had that problem with my iMac as well. Now I bought a new Windows laptop (64GB RAM, NVIDIA 1080...),same sh....


I have one landscape project file and I need a FBX File out of VW. It does not work!!!


When I restart the computer and do it with a new file and some very simple objects it works.

When I'll do it with my landscape project it takes some time and than Cinerender troubles started... no file created.

When I retry it with a simple objects file again after this, this does not work either!?!


There will be a BugReport file in the MAXXON Renderworks folder created. Please find the file enclosed.


Any support is highly appreciated!


thx in advance




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@NikF Are you exporting the FBX to the same folder location as the VWX file?  In the past, I've had issues exporting to a separate location which is solved by sending the FBX export to the same folder as the VWX file. 
Is VWX creating the blank "reference" fbx file?

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