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Hi all-

Name is Eric, I am an intro level draftsman. In short, I do simple floorplans for an architect who does remodels. Basically, I take paper plans and put em into autocad 2002.

I have another architect interested in using me, if I can pick up VW 9.5 real quick.

I am interested in any and all basic tutorial materials out there, including nemetscheks CDs. I would also like something that involves 3d stuff in that the architect who does the VW stuff could really benefit from that.

Looking for recommendations on training materials, be it from nemetschek or 3rd party. thanks!

Just starting out...


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the basic functions in VW have not changed much from 9.5 to 11. Mostly they have been refined.

If you look at the tutorials on the NNA site for VW10 &11 you will go a long way.

Janis Kent (I think it is) did a couple of good books for VW8.5 which would do the basic functions well. There is also a Visual Quickstart book for VW10 which is quite good.

Remember: VW is not ACad: Things are done "differently".

In my opinion better; more powerful and quicker to get a good result, but different.

Good luck


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slight confusion on my part here.

The tutorials on the NNA site are for the "3D PowerPack" and are available via the NNA homepage as pdfs (although I'm "sure" these used to be available as movies) -but these are not what you need.

A cheap but not free alternative is the "Multimedia CD" from www.ozcad.com.au for $50AU inclusive to non-Australian residents. About 6Hrs of movie Tutorials that are quite clear, but not as detailed (obviously) as the larger sets of training CDs.



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