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RDS Casa

Marionette limits to Dim input

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Is there way to put limits on the dim input nodes? Or alert users to the limits? Eventually my script creates a marionette object. But if some of the user parameters go below a given number the relationships fall over. So ideally the control parameters in the user info box will not let the parameters go below (or above) a give size range?

Thanks so much

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@RDS Casa

There are a handful of ways that can help with this. Alan's example is one way, another would be to use a slider control (it could still be overridden, but the slider itself would have the limits)

Another thing you could do is set it so that if a user goes below or above a certain number, the dimension would be the smallest possible one they could use.

You could also wire up a node that will alert the user if there is an issue from the User Interaction category.


In the file attached, the first circle is defined by a slider control. The user can slide between 1 and 25 for the radius, the user can override the value by typing it in.

The second example will alert the user when their value is less than 1 and will set the radius (size) to 1, otherwise the network will just create the circle.


You could take the alert and also use it in the slider control if you'd like. Keep in mind that when the value gets overridden in the script that the value in the OIP will be inaccurate until set to a valid value by the user.


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Are these VW 2018 files? I've not upgraded yet, normally I wait a bit until the bugs are ironed out.


I'll down load an install the new version 


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Hello, sorry, not updated to 2018 yet, just need to sort out the vss login details,  but in the short term ...

I was adding brackets to name of my nodes to control user input  e.g.

"Width (200 - 400mm)"

Big NO to this.

Its taken me ages to work out why nothing was happening. I've been copying and posting bits of the network into a sand box layer, until I eventually found out that if you put brackets into a name, it all stops working????? at least this is happening to me.

Are names text and numbers only? I've not read anything about restrictions? 

VW should stop you from putting these in if so.



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Yes, this is a current limitation. It's being looked into internally to see if we can find a way to allow it.

Right now, no special characters are permitted in node names. You can use underscores, though.

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Hello again,

Is there a way to name an input node (for my sanity) but for it not to appear as a user parameter in the marionette object?


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Yep, seriously need a warning when special characters are mistakenly included in the name, a rouge full stop just cost me an hour. 

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