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Patrick Winkler

ConvertToPolygon() - Resolution

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I'm not sure which resoltuion to use for ConvertToPolygon().  http://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/VS:ConvertToPolygon


<50 is obvious to less.

90 and 100 convert a cirlce to 32pt polys and 150 to 64 pt polys.

In this case 90 should be enough as even in renderworks my eyes can't spot a difference to the higher resolutions.


It would be good to know how the resoltution effects the outcome (why do 90, 100 create the same ) and if there is a maximum value.




regards, Patrick

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   The resolution number is not linear, but makes transitions at powers of 2. The number of sides generated is also a power of 2.


Conversion resolutions of:

0-7 yield 2 sides;

8-15 yield 4 sides;

16-31 yield 8 sides;

32-63 yield 16 sides;

etc., up to 512 which yields 256 sides. Values higher than 512 all yield 256 sides.




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I don't mind at all. Add away. One thing to keep in mind, this conversion ratio works for a single curve segment, as a Circle, Arc, or Oval. For complex (multiple) curves, like those existing in a Polyline or Rounded Rectangle, the number of segments created using this relation is per curve.



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