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"Ungroup" disconnected objects within the same Generic Solid

Kevin McAllister


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I think this will fit the 'Extract Tool' the best. Instead of selecting faces VW can add a mode that select all connecting faces and creates a new solid.


Perhaps for now you can use the tool to select al faces individual and convert that to a solid? I will test tomorrow if that works.

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11 hours ago, MarcelP102 said:

Instead of selecting faces VW can add a mode that select all connecting faces and creates a new solid.



As long as there is no rounding in geometry ....


- Convert to Mesh

- Ungroup

- Select and Stitch Surfaces


Stitch will usually create a separate Solid for each volume.

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5 hours ago, MarcelP102 said:

Workflow that seems to work:


1. Use Extract Tool and select all faces, face by face..

2. Open resulting group

3. Select all NURBS

4. Model - Add Solids (Ctrl+Alt+A)


Is this what you need? @Kevin McAllister ?


Would be usefull if Extract Tool select all connecting faces.


Even simpiler would be as @Kevin McAllister suggested ungroup works for separating.


I still support this wish. Its should be ungroup because that would be consistent with other actions Vectorworks already does (ungrouping multiple objects extruded together as one extrude, for example, where Vectorworks separates them into individual extrudes). Consistency is very important in a good interface.


I had a situation today where I wished you could ungroup a sweep made from multiple profile objects, so I could have separate sweeps without having to duplicating and deleting.


There are lots of work arounds which have been mentioned above 😁




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