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Lighting / Rendering problem

Shaquel Davis


Hello, I could use some help please

I'm creating a scene where I have a spotlight illuminating someone on stage. My intent is for the rest of the room to be in pitch black while only the character on stage is lit. for some reason even when I just have the one spot light activated the entire room still has it's own ambient lighting coming from an unknown source. How can I get the lighting in the rest of the room removed so that only the subject under the spot light is illuminated, leaving the rest of the room in pitch black?

I've included a picture below from my scene to show the problem I am having and a picture from a video to show what I'm going for.


Picture of problem



Picture of goal


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If you're creating renderings with Renderworks (as opposed to just working in OpenGL), I'd also recommend turning on Indirect Lighting. The number of bounces varies depending on your VW version. Indirect Lighting will emulate the lighting bouncing off the stage floor and hitting other surfaces in the room, slightly illuminating other objects in the space (but more subtle and realistic than the "Ambient Lighting" which is too smooth and fake looking).

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