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Text Block Editing Problems

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hello all. i have noticed since upgrading from VW 9.5 that when i am in a text block with the text edit tool, the command-'c' and command-'v' keyboard commands do not work. if i want to copy or paste text to or from a text block i need to use the commands from the pull down menu. has anyone else noticed this? is this related to my other post:

Object Fonts ?

any response will be appreciated, thanks.

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Does everyone using Version 11 have this same problem? Is it only on the Mac, or certain installations and set ups that we may individually have?

Just curious. Kinda a naggy issue for powerusers, but at least there is a work around.

Can we simply get a patch, or is the update forthcoming? I must say, though, that I haven't encountered too many things amiss with this wonderful update!

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It's a problem on Macs only.

All 'patches' go in the scheduled updates. When one is available, you will see a press release on the main page, along with posts around here. If you are subscribed to the eDispatch, you'll also get an email with the Press Release.

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