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Kenny Green

2018 PDF Export Text Unreadable


Surprise Surprise... upon exporting a PDF using 2018 Service Pack 2. The text is now totally Unreadable. I checked the Raster Text option and it looks like my text has been written with a crayon. Anyone else experiencing this issue and whats the fix??


Here's a screengrab of in-program view and exported PDF view.




Here's the exported PDF




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edited text to Service Pack 2

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7 minutes ago, Production Designer said:

Anyone else experiencing this issue and whats the fix??


You may want to check the raster resolution setting for your PDF export as it may still set to 72 DPI, set it to 200 DPI or higher depending on the size of the drawing and how far you need to zoom in, but 200 DPI should work for most cases for text.

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Hi Art, I fixed it. I went into the settings and changed raster resolution to 300 as you suggested as well as changed my font. I switched them all to Arial.

I also had to go into spotlight label legend manager and change my fonts to Arial for the fixtures. Likewise, had to change font on drape tool, stage tool, video tool, title block, annotations......everything across the board. All fonts changed to Arial. Now it all appears to be fine. Screen grab comparison attached for ref. Thank you.



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