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Border fill issue?

Art V


When I set the border to filled (white fill) then it falls underneath the inner border line but it covers the outer border line so that it appears thinner or not at all in the published PDF.

VWX and PDF attached.


Is there a way to force the fill to be under the outer border line as well or is this a bug?

I sometimes need filled borders to hide content that is extending underneath the border when the viewport is the same size as the border (as this is sometimes easier to move the viewport a little if something is at the edge at a certain scale  and gets covered by the drawing border)

Border fill.vwx

Border fill.pdf

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1 hour ago, Nikolay Zhelyazkov said:

Hello Art,


The problem is that you have set Crops to None. You should set Crops to 'Outline' if you want to see the outer border only without crop marks. Crops popup is located in Sheet Zones/Grids pane.


Best Regards,

Nikolay Zhelyazkov

Thanks Nikolay, this solves my issue as I took crop marks a bit too literal as I don't want crop mark, I didn't realise that the crop mark would also act as a crop for border items and not just as a crop mark for cutting.


Seeing what it does and a little bit of additional experimenting also answered some other questions about things I wanted to try out so your answer was helpful in more than one way. :)

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