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Teigha Library Error on Export - The file could not be opened

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I'm trying to export from VW 2014 to create a 2012 DWG file and I get a "Teigha Library Error - The file could not be opened".

I have rebooted and only opened Vectorworks and I still get the error.

I also deleted all previous DWG export folders previous exports had produced but were empty.

I'm running Windows 10.

I've even tried copying just the design layer I want to export to a new file, but I still get the error.


Can anyone help or point me in the right direction.

I've searched the community board.

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I see a few similar cases from 2014, but I don't see any fixed for 2014 specifically, looks like it was resolved only in later versions. If you send me the file in a direct message I can attempt an export here with a later version but still to DWG 2012.

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Thanks Jim. I sent it to a colleague who has the exact same setup as I do with VW 2014 and Windows 10 and he managed to export it fine, so now I'm confused but we at least we have a work around.

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Do your user account or the folder you were trying to export to have anything unusual in their names? Anything other than the standard english alphanumeric characters? I have seen that cause similar problems on occasion, but that is a wild guess at best.

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The folders have _ (underscore) in the name and the file has , (comma) in the name.

I just tried it again but exporting to my desktop and it worked fine.

I tried it another time but to the directory with the underscore and it worked fine.

So I think it is the deep directory structure that causes the problem.


Good one. :-)


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Hi @Alan61 and @JimW


I just had a session with a user getting this error and discovered a cause that might be as-yet unreported. I'm posting this to add to the (small) list of conditions responsible for this error message: 


One of the directories/folders in the file address used a huge number of characters (43). We shortened the name and all file exports worked thereafter.


It might be worth noting that when the directory/folder name was long, some Sheet Layers exported successfully sometimes but one Sheet Layer never did. After shortening the directory/folder name they all exported 100% of the time.  

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If it helps anyone for the future I also had a long filename trying to save to a folder with commas (on a network share) which threw up the Teigha Library error.  After keeping the long filename (48 characters) but switching to a folder without commas on my desktop, it worked fine

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