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I am trying to import from vectorworks 2018 to capture nexum by capture sweden. 


this works by importing the model of the theater as dwg or 3ds and then separately importing the instruments via a tab-delimited file produced by exporting indtrument data from vectorworks.


importing the light data into capture works like any other import: self select what corresponds to what. capture takes the x y and z to position the instruments themselves. it then also asks for focus pan and tilt. but i can't figure out how to get this information out of vectorworks.


- all of the angles that vectorworks produces itself are based on the instruments relationship to a focus point not to the drawing / space. except the symbol rotation, this can be used as pan.

- beam draw calculates pan and tilt, but this is a very tedious process to first draw beams, then convert to instruments, export the beam draw database, merge with instrument data export and then import to capture.


there must be a clear answer that i haven't thought of. or a way to vectorscript the pan and tilt calculations into user fields, but i have no experience with that


can anyone help?

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If you made a rough plot using Beam Draw, you can export Instrument X, Instrument Y, Position Height, Pan, Tilt, and Channel directly from Beam Draw.  I recommend creating a report with this information and exporting the worksheet.  If you don't need other data attached to the Lighting Device, this should be all you need.


Otherwise, capture may be able to merge in the Beam Draw data based on Channel.

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