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Keyed Note Troubles



I have a file that we are having trouble with the keyed notes in.


The keyed notes from the Site Plan Sheet show up in every key note legend in the file. So, if i create a new keyed note on the elevation sheet and place it on the Default Legend, the legend auto-populates with every note from the site plan. The new note is numbered in sequentially to follow the site plan notes. There are 15 notes on the site plan, so the first note on the elevation sheet is 16. None of the callouts from the site plan show up on the elevations sheet. Just the notes in the legend. If i add a keyed note to the site plan, all the keyed notes on other sheets get bumped down. The notes from other sheets are contained to that sheet.


I have tried to delete all the keyed notes and legend from the site plan sheet and start over. But am still getting the same results.


Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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We made a discovery regarding this issue today. It seems that if we a duplicate a sheet with keyed notes on it, the keyed notes on the duplicate sheet (not the original) get linked to every other sheet in the file. Hence, they show up in the keyed note legend on every sheet. When trying to delete the duplicate sheet, no other sheets or title block borders can be checked out by other users. And the user trying to delete the sheet has to check out all the title block borders in order to delete the sheet.


Also, if the problem sheet is checked out, the keyed notes on any other sheet are not editable.


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We thought we had figured out what was causing the trouble. But it turns out we were wrong. As i mentioned in my post, the trouble seemed to be linked to creating a new sheet from a duplicate of another one that already had keyed notes on it. However, we have since had issues with other sheets that were created from a blank. So we are not sure why it is happening or how to reproduce it at this point. 


I am attaching a stripped down version of the file we are having trouble with. So far, this is the only file that has given us trouble. You should find that the keyed note legends are extremely unresponsive on sheet A10 and that if you try to edit them, the keyed notes from A80 replace those on A10. And a bunch of empty notes will be added to both sheets.


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I will add a bug for this. I guess that keyed note legends on A10 is copied from somewhere. The workaround for the moment is to change "Keynote Display" to Letters and in this way you will lost linked callout form A80. Then change "Keynote Display" to Numbers and Remove Gaps. After these steps you will have correct fill  keyed note legend.

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