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Make it more obvious how to select multiple vertices of polygon when there is no clear space to start Marquee



Let's say you want to select some vertices of a polygon, but your window is full of other polygons, so there's no clear space to start dragging the Marquee.

Current Solution 
Apart from panning to find free space (as attached screen recording example-1.mov), you can select the relevant polygon, activate the Reshape tool, then hold the Shift key down and you can start dragging the Marquee from anyway without accidentally selecting one of the other polygons. 

The Problem 
The problem is that there's no clue for the user that the Shift key behaves in this way because the cursor does not change to a Marquee cursor when holding the Shift key (as the cursor does if you mouse over free space). And the reason for this is that with the Shift key is still also operating as a modifier for multiple selection. i.e. if you hold the Shift key and simply click on another polygon—rather than drag straight away—then it will select that polygon so that you now have two polygons selected. 

Suggested Solution 
Instead of using the Shift key to tell the cursor to ignore other polygons so you can drag a Marquee, use the Option key. This way the Shift key can be dedicated to multiple selection and if the Option key is held down then the cursor can change to a Marquee cursor. 

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Yes, that is a good solution,  as it allows to window select a group and also add individual vertices/nodes. It is something I can use from time to time.


I also would like to see an option that window selection does not deselect already selected items if you cannot avoid crossing them. (will make a separate wish list for that)

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