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VW Cloud Services/Dropbox/Mac Alias Issues

Wesley Burrows


I'm trying to do some VW cloud publishing,  I managed to get it working with the default Cloud Services Folder,  but when I tried Dropbox it I get this,:




The resultant PDF is like 834bytes (Blank).  The VWX is sync'd in my company's dropbox folder(s) where it lives, and I also exported the file to the same folder.  I have given cloud services permission for full Dropbox integration.   I suspect that the way I use aliases might have something to do with it.    Basically we use dropbox as a company,  but the folder organization that works for the majority,  sucks for me and there is too much time navigating,  not enough time doing.  So I do something like below:


My Company wants:


Dropbox > Current > Client > Show Name > Layouts and Renders (there are other folders, but this is only one I care about)


What I want to see:


Dropbox > Working Plots which shows a list of all the current shows by show name that points directly to the respective "Layout and Renders" folder of each.  I accomplish this via some applescripting and aliases.  


However when I added full dropbox integration to Vectorworks Cloud Services my dropbox then shows:




It seems to just hang while syncing remaining files,   which based on the sync icons in my Working Plots directory,  it has X's at all of the aliases like that's causing it,  or if VW cloud services is in some sort of endless loop trying to index my dropbox account.   I'm not sure.   But it works fine without the integration.   Do aliases break the integration? Can anyone offer any help?   






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