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marionette Object: how can i access the OIP parameter in a table?

Benny Franke

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Hi there,


I am working on a project where i created a marionette object node (thanks to this forum it works so far) with a couple of adjustable parameters in the OIP. Is there a way to get access to those parameters to create a worksheet that lists all the object instances and there parameter settings? 

Before i knew marionette i used databases (records) to store all that information but within the object node i can't do it since it groups everything on the last step.

I hope someone understands what i mean and ideally has an idea to make it work. 


thank you very much in advance



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Hi there,

I tried the Records nodes which did work until I created a  Wrapper. That task created a group out of my object  with the record and so I can't see them anymore when I select the Object Node. 

I need to attach the infos to the record after the automatic group command or get rid of the automatic group command all together. 

I will take the next 2 hours and figure out the PIO handle. 

Thank you very much so far

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  • Marionette Maven

I've attached a simple example.


The PIO Handle node allows you to get the handle to the Marionette object itself, so the Record gets attached to that instead.


Right now this is a one-way relationship, the object will only update if you update the values in the Shape pane, but it is possible to make it a 2-way relationship, it's just a little more involved.


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  • 1 month later...

Hello, is there any solution to this? When I try it on another file, I can get a worksheet to drive record data, but this does not push through to the marionette object parameters? So If I change it in the table, it changes the record and field data, but then the height (for example) in the data tab, just becomes inconsistent with the shape tab.


When I change the shape data, it does indeed override the record data again, so its definitively one way... did anyone find the 2 way more involved solution? Is it possible to put in an update button on the object? to get data back from the worksheet? 

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