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Spotlight - Hoist Tool Improvements

Wesley Burrows


I'd like to propose that when you toggle the double purchase (sidebar,  I've always heard this as called double reeved when referring to motors,  and double-purchase for fly rail systems,  maybe it's a US thing?) option in the hoist tool the diagramed changes happen.   Basically:


When the toggle is ON:


The max allowable weight of the the selected hoist doubles from it it's default capacity

The speed in feet per minute is halved (though this is't a big deal,  but it might be useful)

The total chain length get's doubled from it's default or current value.


When the toggle is OFF:


The max allowable weight returns to the defined max of the selected symbol.

The speed in feet per minuted is doubled (once again,  not a big deal)

The total chain length get halved from it's current value.


After inserting a bunch of 1/4T's that are double reeved (double purchased) for a ballroom show, I have to update them all the time to have their max allowable weight be 1000#'s.  I've found every time I insert one it resets to the default max of 500#.  Option + Dragging won't work half the time cause the motor won't attach to positions when I do it that way.   The eye dropper tool also dosen't seem to want to grab the max weight as part of the plugin parameters.   The tool WILL however remember the double purchase toggle,  so It would be great if it could adjust the base values accordingly with it on.  


After all this is how motors generally work in the real world.  It would make the tool more useable especially in conjunction with Braceworks.


I am open to further thoughts/discussion.    Just some observations of the tool use while diving face first into Braceworks.



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