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Wesley Burrows

Braceworks Cross Section info From Manufacturers

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Hey Rob,

Is there any way for Braceworks subscribers to obtain the needed info without having to wait for service pack releases? Wouldn't it be possible to either open a file that contained updated truss objects? Or, simply enter the numbers into the cross section info box?


Thanks, Scott

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you can set up a custom cross section, but at this time they do not export to other files, so there is a limitation to them.  If you can get the data from the manufacturer, then you can set it up for your drawings.  the issue is, that most manufacturers only have the load table which does not give you the moments of inertia that are required for braceworks.  this has been our biggest problem getting the data into the software.

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Hi Rob,

Understood. If you have the info for truss, is there a way to obtain the update without having to wait for the next service pack?

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Unfortunately, with how that part is set up, we have no way of distributing it other than in a Service Pack.

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