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Braceworks Cross Section info From Manufacturers

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For manufacturers that wouldn't (or just haven't) provided the truss cross-section information to be included in the Vectorworks truss library.  (Ugh)  What is the right information to ask for from them, on an individual request basis?   I think I remember it primarily being the lxx, lyy, and lzz.  But I can't remember the exact terminology.    Or should I just send the screen shot and ask them to be so kind as to provide the asked info?


Edited to add:  Tomcat responded to me and they aren't providing that information at this time,   but their engineers have a meeting with Vectorworks after LDI.   Fingers crossed :-)



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1 minute ago, Rob Books said:

we request from them, Moments of Inertia, Bending Moments, Shearing Force, and Tube Force.

and Yes, hopefully we will Get Tomcat and J. Thomas onboard after the meetings at LDI.  

for some that are missing Data, the Manufacturer is working with us, just taking them time to get the data to us and then converted to the cross-section in Vectorworks.  the nice thing is that I was able to set most of them up with an ID so that once the Cross Section is in, it will auto correct and we won't have to re-issue libraries.


For those those of us that also have some quantities of slightly less mainstream manufacturers.  (Applied Electronics in my case)  Where they aren't in the library at all,  what would be the appropriate method to try and obtain that info?

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Well, its hard to say.  I design for different manufacturers all the time depending on who the house rents from.  One of the most common ones I have seen lately is XSF.  Its just sort of a bummer that braceworks is essentially useless with its math unless you get very specific data.  I am also curious about the chain cross sections in the hoists.  rigid seems like itll work just fine, however not all chain has the same details.  but i mean if a chain fails before other components, you failed math in first grade.


I am indeed a SS guy, so I will keep a lookout.

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1 hour ago, CETLV said:

Perhaps they believe that people are going to rely on the software and despite any "disclaimer" they are not going to get out the calculator and do the actual math!

And to further that, I might assume that any company forwarding that information, regardless of it’s accuracy, is opening itself to liability concerns from a legal standpoint. 

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3 minutes ago, scottmoore said:

And to further that, I might assume that any company forwarding that information, regardless of it’s accuracy, is opening itself to liability concerns from a legal standpoint. 

well, now that I think more about it, that info IS the info they would have to stand behind in a lawsuit anyways, so they should be confident in their numbers, but there is a lot to be desired for a customer using the wrong model cross section, for light duty vs heavy duty models.  If they use the heavy duty numbers, and get the OK in Braceworks, then actually rig light duty and it fails, then thats what they are likely thinking.  However someone who is serious enough about rigging knowledge to pay 5 grand for a license you would hope wouldnt be so negligent... 

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2 minutes ago, scottmoore said:

And to further that, I might assume that any company forwarding that information, regardless of it’s accuracy, is opening itself to liability concerns from a legal standpoint. 



I mean,  CM motors have a liability disclaimer on them about not for use for lifting loads above peoples heads.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Speaking of Christie Lites coming on board, I have noticed the link bars on B-Type 16" truss don't work properly when connecting them. It only acts as a short extension and doesn't change the angle of the truss connection. Picture attached : Top is what BW and Insert Truss Tool does, bottom is what it should actually do.


At this point the link bars appear to be useless.



B-Type Truss - BW.png

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58 minutes ago, Enoch Seutter said:

Awesome thanks Scott! I have been messing around with the 22.5 degree link bar myself. When making a full circle I can't get it to match up 100%, eventually I will get the L1/L2/L3 just right that it will work.


I discovered that changing the drawing units to Microns was very helpful. Change back after you've built the L corner.

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On 3/13/2018 at 6:18 AM, Rob Books said:

The way that Braceworks gets the data for the cross sections is it reads a file in Vectorworks.  All truss that has been released, including the Tomcat/Thomas, once we have the data and put it into the program, and that service pack update is released, will then populate with the non-rigid data automatically.  




Does the cross section file need to be updated separately, or is it part of the service pack?  The Christie truss still registers as rigid, even after the SP3 update. 



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Hey Rob,

Is there any way for Braceworks subscribers to obtain the needed info without having to wait for service pack releases? Wouldn't it be possible to either open a file that contained updated truss objects? Or, simply enter the numbers into the cross section info box?


Thanks, Scott

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I got a reply from my email to XSF. They said that they have been working on putting together models for Vectorworks for over a year, and that they sent over the models to Vectorworks about a month ago. They said they are just waiting on Vectorworks at this point.


On another note, It seems like there is only 12" truss for XSF in the library. Why is the 20.5" truss not available?

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