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Render Texture Thumbnails



Hi Guys,


Does anyone know how to, in the Resource browser, either:


1. Make the render texture thumbnails larger


2. Have the thumbnail zoom in on the texture


Basically I have loads of different textures for the same thing, eg 10 different brick textures and Id like to be able to actually see which brick texture Im clicking on!


Thanks in advance

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On 7/1/2017 at 8:41 AM, ericjhberg said:

When using the stake tool, you currently have the option to "Set Elev to Site Model" as a way of creating spot elevations for a grading plan. This is great when documenting the surface of a site model for high points and such, but often the elevation we are looking to document is actually a feature such as finish surface, top of wall, bottom of wall, etc. These items are placed on top of a site model, so a stake object trying to query their top elevation will only return the elevation of the underlying site model.


There should be a way for the stake tool to recognize modeled elements in the drawing to pull this information into its reference.

I Agree completely.  I've had to create separate files where I render extruded boxes just so I can actually see the difference between the textures.

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