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Can't Select Some Symbols

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VW 10.1.0, Windows XP

I've done something odd to a drawing. About

half the hybrid 2D/3D symbols I create "get lost". That is, I insert them from the resource

browser, (and there they are) and they are viewable in 2D and 3D, but they are no longer selectable and, more painfully, no longer eraseable.

And the REALLY FUNNY thing is -- it happens to

the same symbol in the same drawing. Right now

I'm looking at a drawing with 2 chests of drawers -- both symbols, both the SAME symbol.

One is selectable, one not.

The only way I can get the non-selectable symbols

to go away is to delete the layer.

I have some recollection of Katie addressing this

about 1.5 years ago, but I couldn't find the post.

Any suggestions to cure my (probably self-induced) problem?

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That was absolutely it, Kevin. Should have

thought of it myself, but I got my mind so

wrapped around the problem that I missed the obvious.

Thanks a million. As I recall, that was the

cure to someone else's problem 18 months ago.

It's just that the Tech Board Boolean search

won't turn it up when you are thinking the

search terms are "PIO or symbol or selection"

Once every 100 instances or so, I mean to change

"Organize>Layer Options>etc." and accidentally

change "Organize>Class Options>etc." instead.

Then, if I don't notice it at the time, it comes

back later, unexpectedly, and drives me NUTS.

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