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Perhaps I'm going about this the wrong way. I have a mid-rise residential building that I'm working on and I'm having to recreate the elevations by hand. Each "Window" consists of (see elevation01) fixed lower window, vertical pivot above, fixed larger window with louvered opening for PTAC. I would like to take these four elements and combine them into one symbol that I can insert into walls as this assembly appears on 50 of the 57 units. Any suggestions or assistance would be greatly appreicated.


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I think it would help if you posted the file - or a simple file that contains a wall with the sample 'window' elements.


It seems from the image posted that the underside of the ptac is lower than the element to the right of it. Is this drawn correctly? Brickwork opening (base) is to remain level? I also note the height of the 'window' is not a brick dim. Does this need to be addressed?


I assume the ptac also protrudes forward of the other three 'flat' elements, or is the casing not needed (to be shown accurately) in this exercise? Or the body of the ptac is internal? Would be helpful to have some detail to be borne in mind to develope a solution.

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I've found using multiple instances of the native window object and combining them into a single window is often the most accurate way to model a window in VW. It's appears as if this might be the approach you're taking (as opposed to defining the sashes using Custom Sash Options within one window object).


If so, make sure you've right-clicked on your symbol and defined the 3D Wall Hole Component, to define the exact structural opening. After that you can also model your window sill as an extrude + Auto Hybrid, depending on your needs.


As Zoomer says, a file would be useful.

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