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Create Custom Nodes that can be seen in Marionette

Benny Franke

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Hi there,


is it possible to create custom nodes, or change existing nodes that then can be seen in the marionette node library? I couldn't find any instructions to that so far. If there are maybe someone can point me in the right direction.

the only thing i managed so far was to change existing nodes which then got changed globally for ever. 

I am sorry for beeing a noob.

thanks for reading

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  • Marionette Maven



Select your node and create a Symbol - in the Symbol Options choose "Convert to Plug In Object"

Save this file to your user folder or a workgroup folder under this structure:

Library/Defaults/Marionette/[your file goes here]


Refresh your resource manager and these should now show up in the tool popup for Marionette under User Libraries or Workgroup Libraries, respectively.

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Thank you @Marissa Farrell for this rapid reply. I think i am still way behind your instructions. I have the german spotlight version 2018 and can't find the Convert to Plug in Object command but i did find a german help file that says to convert the node into a intelligent Object. Is that the same thing? Anyway i haven't even made it to change an existing node under a new name (it asks me to change the command to refile which i did but it still doesn't work). 

can you help me on this step too?


tank you very much. I appreciate "the fastest Forum on the planet" very much.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee
14 minutes ago, Spotbenny said:

and can't find the Convert to Plug in Object command.


it asks me to change the command to refile which i did but it still doesn't work). 

Hi @Spotbenny

1.)When you create your Symbol, tick the option at the bottom of the "Symbol anlegen" dialog "In Intelligentes Objekt umwandeln". That will take care of it.

2.) That prompt is a disaster :-). It should simply say "delete all the grey text at the top of the code" and Bob's your uncle...

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