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Perspective section heught


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Hi, I am a student, currently working on a project and I am making some perspectival sections. I need to know how can i adjust the height of the horizon so that I will have the height at eye level. Thanks in advance

And also is there any chance i can somehow turn on shadows with hidden line style? I know it's not possible using hidden line, but if there is any other solution i can get that effect of white cad drawing with shadows. Thanks


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From what i can work out sections are single point perspectives and default to the middle point of section bounds.

Two ways to change from memory.

- Replace the crop object of the section with a rectangle centred were you want the vanishing point.

- Adjust the top and bottom cut-off of the section so it's equal distance above or below.


You can also adjust the perspective distance to show more or less of the receding walls.


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