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Spotlight 'X position' unit output in worksheets





I am generating worksheets to quickly export lighting instrument information for paperwork and labelling purposes on my shows. I'm able to get almost everything I'm looking for in the proper format except for my fixture positions. Often it is helpful to get the X or Y coordinates of a lighting fixture relative to a center point on a truss for quick placement on site as load in is happening. Currently when I request the 'x location' or y location' values in the lighting reports set-ups I get a string of very long numbers that don't quite translate to any useful real world units (see attached screen shot and file). I know there has to be a way to edit the format of these units, but I cant seem to find it. Any information or thoughts would be awesome as my current work around is to tediously use the measuring tool to find my x & y positions unit by unit...very time-consuming.


Note: I've tried changing units within my document preferences and it doesn't seem to effect the worksheet output 




x-position tester.vwx

Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 5.51.36 PM.png

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My solution has several parts

  1. I always make my spaces around the grid origin. Usually centerline at plasterline = 0,0 so object xy values have a real world meaning.
  2. I use database rows in my worksheets to make sure everything is up to date.
  3. Format the column to dimensions.
  4. I use this formula to get a rounding to the inch. Note that my system units are always feet & inches, so it may need some tweaking for you



Attached is a sample of my worksheet. I use this basic technique for lots of lists and sorting. Once you get familiar with worksheets you'll find them very powerful.

In Schedule.vwx

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