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Trim tool in 10.5.1

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Trim tool in edit pallet doesn't work like VW8.5. I use to select the item to trim to than the select the trim tool than the object to be trim. It would trim the trim the whole line to the selected line and not trim the line betwen any intersecting points.

Thanks Andy

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example their is 5 vertical line and one horizontal line that pass through all 5 line. I would like to select the second vertical line on the left and trim the horizontal line. So the horizontal line is only on the left hand side of the second vertical line.


If I click just to the right of the second line I will end up with two line. It will be broken between the second and third vertical line.

I hope this clearify my question.

Thanks Andy [Confused]

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The split and trim tool will do what you want it to do.

Draw the split line over the vertical line you want the horizontal line to trim to, then click on the side of the vertical line you want to keep.

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Yes it work if you are talking about the single line join tool. It would be nice to be able to select a cutting line like it use to be . I do like being able to trim between objects with out selecting anything but both ways are needed depending on what you are drawing.



for your help and quick response


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I was surprised by what you said, so I tried it out, and found this:

The Trim tool in 10.5.1 trims to the nearest intersecting objects, not just to the nearest selected objects.

In fact, it's not necessary to have any objects selected at all. And selecting objects before switching to the Trim tool has no effect on what the Trim tool does.

That's different from what the help file says the Trim tool does, so I assume it's a bug. It means that the Trim tool now has very limited use. But it always did have limits. In version 8 it only worked once in a while, unless you zoomed in very close. I learned to avoid it and to use the Trim command instead.

(As if it weren't already confusing enough to have both a Trim tool and a Trim command, you issue the Trim command by pulling down the menu called "Tool" and clicking on "Trim". Or you can press Ctrl-T.)

I tried the Split tool, as Katie suggested, and found that in the second mode it acts something like the Trim command, except that the Trim command uses a pre-selected object to slice through everything it touches, and the Split tool draws a new line that slices through everything it touches. The old Trim tool was better, or would have been better if it had worked.

As for the first (default) mode of the Split tool, I don't understand why it exists at all. It reminds me of the useless first mode of the old Extend tool. The second mode of the Extend tool, on the other hand, was extremely useful in certain situations. The removal of it is one of the reasons why I draw with version 8.

For me, the Trim command is still preferable to the Split tool, since it doesn't require drawing a temporary line, and since it works on rectangles, circles, and polygons as well as lines. If you are willing to add a macro utility, the Trim command can become very useful. I have a function key that is macro'd to issue the Trim command and then the Cut command, and another function key that's macro'd to the Paste In Place command. Between the two, I get the best use of the available trimming options in VectorWorks. Combining the new Split tool with the Delete key is probably the best you can do without a macro utility.

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The connect/combine tool. Why are you calling it the split tool that isn't what it does? The first mode is single object connect it works really well with my example. Select the single object connect tool, click on horizontal line to the left of second vertical line than click on second vertical line. The only problem is, if their is multiple horizontal you want to trim to the same vertical line their is extra click that need to be made.

Command trim why is it call Trim Command it is really a break command. Really useful tool with a work around. Every line that passes through trim line will be broken. Some time that isn't what you want. than you would need to draw a trim line that passes through on those objects that need to be broken.

"The old extend tool is in VW11" from Kate

Why don't VW udate VW10 to fix these problem instead of making us buy a new version. Why don't VW leave the old command alone when adding new command and feature to new versions. I have a list of atleast 5 different command that is similar to this trim problem and I have just startedusing VW10 for a couple of weeks. I'm sure I will find more.

[Mad] Andy

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The connect combine tool and the split tool are two separate tools.

In VW 11, both of these tools have been enhanced. I was adding the comments about the connect combine tool for Jan.

For your purpses Andy, the split tool can achieve what you want to do, but with an extra step. VW 11 has the extra step eliminated.

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We heard the same thing about the Connect/Combine tool when it first came out, i.e. that it does what the old Extend tool did. But it wasn't true. I'll have to wait till a demo of version 11 is available to see if that's changed.

With the old Extend tool you could extend lines to the selected objects by just clicking on them. Connect/Combine, at least in version 10, requires dragging.

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Originally posted by Katie:

For your purpses Andy, the split tool can achieve what you want to do, but with an extra step. VW 11 has the extra step eliminated.

Pardon me for saying this, but

- first NNA takes some very useful functionality out and essentially ruins a tool

- then we are offered at least partial reinstatement as a part of an expensive upgrade.

Clever marketing...

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A good point, Petri.

But I don't think it's an intentional marketing strategy. I think it's just an unfortunate side effect of a larger strategy, to migrate away from the use of VectorWorks as a computerized version of hand drafting, and toward the new paradigm in which the software draws and the punter just supervises.

I have the misfortune to prefer the old system. The only reason I buy VectorWorks upgrades is so that I can import the newer versions of AutoCad. The files I import still have nothing but simple lines in them, but they're drawn in the new high-tech versions of AutoCad (with much higher upgrade prices than we pay!), and so I can't import them with VW8.

The majority of the people posting to these forums seem to embrace the new paradigm. I often wonder whether that's representative of the majority of all users. Maybe it's just that people using the old paradigm don't need the forums as much. I myself never felt the need to read the forums until I noticed this trend toward a slower, clunkier user interface and wanted to complain about it.

Autodesk is candid about the pressure to modernize, explaining in the Architectural Desktop documentation that the reason why most of the old commands have been left out of the pull-down menus is to force customers to use the new automated techniques.

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The VW 11 of the connect combine tool does do what the old extend tool does, but better. You select the set of lines that you want to extend to another line, click on the set of lines and the other line and they all extend to that point.

The demo version is available. If you would like one sent to you, please let me know through my email and I'll have one sent to you.

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