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Default drawing window size

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About half way through this year, my default drawing window—regardless what file I open, even creating a new document—is about 2/3 wide across my screen rather than full size. So, I grab the bottom right corner and drag it across and go to work. It's driving me crazy, mostly because it hasn't always been like this.

I'm sure I've 'stored' some kind of default somewhere, but I'll be switched if I can figure out where. Perhaps in my custom workspace? If so, I can't seem to figure how to set it back. Any help much appreciated!

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Vectorworks should store it in the user preferences file when closing Vectorworks, it may have a problem doing so upon closing/exiting VW. You may want to copy your preferences file to another location for backup, remove the user preferences file and then open VW, set the windows position, exit VW and then open VW again. Then it should remember the windows settings. If not you should probably contact tech support.

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Are you successfully quitting VW? Or are you crashing on quit?  The preference file is only written when you successfully quit. A crash prevent the file from being written. Art's idea of forcing VW to recreate the preferences is good.

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Thanks, both.

Yes, VW is quitting normally/successfully. I tried dragging the preferences file out onto the desktop, launched VW (same 2/3 window), resized the window to take up 95% of the screen; quit; relaunched: same 2/3-sized window. (things that make you scratch your head and say choice words) I'll try tech support.


Oddly, when I launched VW18 the first time it opened a full-screen window. I thought, 'Great. Problem solved.' Then, I converted a couple files forward from VW17 and the 2/3-glitch came with. To stay. :\

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